Apr. 11th, 2009

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 Me, Min and Creep got back from London last night, after being diverted through Harwich International (It's a fecking port!!! We're still not sure where mind... *googles* Essex apparently), then to Manningtree, then to Norwich, making 4 hours out of a 2 hour trip. Ironically though, it was rather fun! As some of you may know, it was Fuck You Friday yesterday (Creep only noticed how inappropriate this was after sending out Facebook invitations, being Good Friday. We then completely forgot this and decided to name today shitting Christ Saturday...). I think this was very fitting with how many Fuck Yous we said. Mainly "FUCK YOU NATIONAL EXPRESS!!!!!". But there was some very fun bits on the train back. One being Creep asking me if something could be considered Vegan and Cruelty free (inspired by my lovely tattoo lotion that I want to eat) if the person making it simply punched a cow every few minutes while it was being made (WTF!?!?!?). Min suggested they'd have little moving pictures on them depicting this. She then proceeded to punch the air, which left me in a fit of giggles. Fist+imaginary cow= A Spider in fits of laughter.

 Friday in London was a half fail. We went to the British museum, which was awesome. We looked at Mummies, bits of the Pathenon, and
lots of pretty jewellery! Shame about all the people! Especially horrid Spanish who proceeded to stare at Min and me evily, assuming that because we speak English, we wouldn't be able to understand. Grrrggg!!! Actually all day I received more odd looks than I usually do in Norwich, which is a shame as I always considered London to be more of an open minded city than Norwich. That'll teach us for going to more mainstream tourist areas!!! The second half of the day was a fail. Covent garden isn't nearly as fab as I imagined it would be. It's expensive and full of tourists. I'd been to the bit near the jubilee market before, and hated it, but assumed once we got out a bit, it would be nicer. Not really. Neal's yard was tiny!! And the only nice thing it seemed to have was a decent restaurant. Pretty expensive mind, and I'd choose Greenhouse food over theirs any day, not just because of the price. We found the street with Coffee, Cake and Kink on, as well as a good sex shop called Liberation. Both however, were closed... Grrg! Cybercandy which I love in Covent Garden was a fail. They were out of Oreos, and nothing else was sufficiently interesting (or had crappy American food labelling). But I did get a very yummy tofu and spinach quiche! And some cute Hello Kitty beads. Oddly, the best thing about yesterday was breakfast! Scrambled tofu (which me and Creep had had much fun finding the day before!!) with peppers, mushrooms, onion, and Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. We stumbled across that sauce in Sainsbury's, sooo yummy!!! It going on everything! We had beans (with added Jack Daniel's of course) and toast too. Yum!!

 On Thursday we went to see the Sisters of Mercy. You'll notice a lack of enthusiasm in this statement. They were ok on some of the later songs, but especially the earlier song, sucked! The first few songs, I couldn't actually decipher what they were. One song seemed to start off with the lyrics for Long train, and end in ones for Detenation Boulevard, with the tune for neither. I took a lack of pictures at the gig, as they used so much smoke you couldn't see fuck all anyway! To hide the fact they're old and not so pretty now perhaps... Also, the guy doing guitar and back vocals was chronically annoying! Bring back a woman to sing! Creep even shouted "You're doing it wrong!" when they sang Temple of Love, 'cause they really were. The vocals remained on the backing track of the original song, if only we could have shut Eldritch up for a song, it might have actually been good! The support band were awful too, but me and Min had fun taking the piss out them singing "Woah!!!" in every song. I counted how long it would take them to sing it in one song. 21 seconds, fail! And we also had fun shouting "NO!!" when they kept asking us if we believed in rock and roll. After seeing them, no, no I don't. *sigh*

 Anyway! Min and Creep are coming to mine to watch movies soon! Yay hiding from humanity! Goth month continues! Roll on Whitby!!

 Spidey xxx


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