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"I'm giving it a massage!"

- of bread being karate-chopped in a less-than-vicious manner

"It... gives me the impression of cheese ice-cream"

"Pot roast cyber-chicken"

"3 tablespoons of wafer"

"Bitey bitey, pass the basil?"

L: We've been making cheese straws. Lots of cheese substitute stuff, bright yellow pastry and mustard. Sifted mustard, at that... don't ask me for the logic behind that. I don't understand it myself... and all that stuff about adding eggs to pastry seems bizarre to me, but hey. Apparently it's what normal people do. Once again I'm baffled by cooking conventions and have to wonder about the science behind them... cool hands I understood once. Ehh.
Apparently they're edible but need a bit more cooking.
The tiger bread is still trying to rise without enough warmth... poor yeast. Cruelty to... ummm... what are they? Protoctista? Cruelty to prokaryotes, anyway. Poor little things. Might be eukaryotic, actually. Anyway, getting sidetracked here.
03:45 and I think we're running out of things we're in the middle of cooking. So far, we've got finished interesting brownies and bread, just-out-of-the-oven cheese straws and bread-in-progress. Like a work-in-progress but yeastier.

Having stolen a piece of cheese straw, I should be able to comment on edibility soon. Yay.
...It's like shortbread. Crumbly. As I thought - it's a bit lacking in the normal oils you'd have in normal cheese, and it's trying to fall apart. Nice, though. Quite cheesy.

The interesting bread with Marmite seems to be being eaten mostly with mushroom paste, and why I'm not using my own LJ account is beyond me. Oh, wait - I remember. Laziness.

Finally giving up and going home - with tiger bread, other bread, brownies and cheese straws - at almost 6am. Hmm. 8ish hours!


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