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Pan scrambled tofu with broccoli florets
Cookies and sushi and shed loads of chocolate
Flying round the uni with pretty bat wings
These are a few of my favourite things

L Word past midnight and dancing in Loli
Shopping in Camden and oishi nori
Tube trips and giggles and mooses that sing
These are a few of my favourite things

Freshfruits and manga, and pocket watches
Cyber and Candy and fabric swatches
Fake fur and ribbon and more pretty trims
These are a few of my favourite things

When Le Brun shouts
When I'm knackered
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my awesome fun days
And then I don't feel, so baaaad

 :D Seeing all the musical's posters in London inspired me! Just a snippet of the awesomeness of the last few days! It started on Wednesday with bike rides with Jojo, then BLAH, which somehow ended up in a sleepover with mucho L Word! Then on Thursday Deviant Soc and partying at Min's (including trapping various peeps in a corset and eating scrambled tofu at a silly hour!). Friday was Hare Hare Yukai Party with chocolate sushi, I have Never with added lipstick, and trying to learn the Hare Hare Yukai with some fun results! Today I've been to London with LaughingBloodyMurder, and spreed possibly a little too much, Portobello market=love! The new Cyberdog earthbase is pretty awesome too! Though still massively over priced! I'm now absolutely shattered, so I'm going to go and try and catch up on a bit of the lost sleep (I've probably managed a decent night's sleep over 3 nights!). Hopefully, I'll resurface some time before pub time tomorrow!

 Spider xxx
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