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 I went back to school today to what should have been the worst day ever, though it wasn't so bad. It started off with my last HPV jab, which I was really not looking forward too. Both previous jabs have made my arm ache for ages and made me feel really sick. Ironically, I'd rather get a tattoo than I would that jab. Yeah, it hurts, but the end result is a beautiful piece of artwork, and being as high as a kite for about an hour after. This one however, wasn't so bad. OK, so I'd still rather get the tattoo, no suprise there, but my arm hasn't ached anywhere near as much as usual, and I barely felt sick after. I'm just glad to know they're all over now. Though as far as risks go, from what I understand, I'm pretty low on the risk scale for Cervical cancer, being gay and all. Not that I'm not grateful, I appreciate every nasty little vaccination I get, knowing that I am very fortunate to get them. Though if they could give me a jab for breast cancer prevention, that'd be bloody handy.

 Those of you who follow my blog vaguely will probably have heard me moan about the horror of Le Brun's lessons on Monday, and this one was no different. I was literally nearly nodding off the whole time I was so bored. Although playing Snakes and Ladders with Sparrowhawk was pretty fun, but predictably that's not allowed in her lessons and she had a moan at us. One thing in the lesson did make me smile though. She worked out how many lessons we would have left. The figure started off at 8, 4 double lessons. She then knocked 2 off due to Bank holiday, and I then mentally knocked off 2 more for Whitby next Monday (squee!). That leaves 4 hours of hell. I think I can deal with that!

 I shall mention the pubs yesterday. It was the last talk of the Spring with the moot on Shamanism. It was really quite interesting, especially hearing the lives that seem to lead people to Shamanism. After the Moot, I moved on to the good ol' Nelson. It wasn't quite so busy this week as it's that awkward time where some of our friends have gone back to uni, but a lot of the Deviants who invade the pub aren't back from wherever home may be. I was hoping to see Minnie and Creep there, but they were otherwise occupied (and rightly so I should say, I miss Creep like crazy and I suspect Min missed him even more! Love you guys!!). But on Thursday we'll start the long trip to Whitby, stopping at Hull for a night with Non, and I can be with my Goth Mum and Dad as well as my Husband for ages! I love our little family structure! Anyway, twas a rather pleasant evening of lovely music, knitting, chatting (catching up with Mike too who I hadn't seen for a while), and trying to avoid eye contact with Mark. I barely know the guy, and I already find him rather annoying. Or more his ability to infiltrate any event, whether he is invited or not. After the pub I went back to Leaf's for a bit to try some wonderful cookies :D A lot less oily than the ones we made earlier, which was very nice. She's got a real knack for baking I think! There shall be many more cooking adventures for Leaf and Spidey! Gecko is talking about experimenting with Vegan ice cream too! I like the sound of this! Especially considering I find neopolitan so uninspiring, it's been in my freezer a while now. There are more interesting flavours of Vegan ice cream to buy, I've just never manged to actually buy some.... I have made Pumpkin Maya Gold ice cream (though somewhat by accident, it was failed truffles!) with LaughingBloodyMurder before though, which was beyond tasy. A rather epic couple of hours was spent eating that and watching Sugar Rush. Gorramit, she needs to come to Norwich again! Especially now I'm not working. Hopefully she will visit during the Summer, many picnics to be had if she does methinks!

 Anyway, I should get some sleep. I'm not allowed to be nocturnal now I'm back at school.... *grumble grumble*.


 Spidey xxx


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