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 Me and (L: ooohh, the grammar...) Leila *rolls eyes*, have been baking brownies! We did start off with a proper recipe, this one in fact: . However, it didn't stay like that for long! We added some extra flour as it was very, very gooky! It wasn't sticking to the side like most cake mixes do (or according to Leila, it was sucking its bits back in). About 3/4 cup. We then went crazy adding everything in the cupboard including:

Chopped dried apricots
Barley malt extract
Chopped (or more precisely bashed) walnuts
Maya Gold chocolate
Ground almonds
Orange Extract

 And probably some more stuff we've forgotten...

Quotes from various times:

"Polygamy for Dummies?"

"Protect it from crawling artists in the airing cupboard"

"It sucked all its bits back in... I know my little brother can do that, but still!"

"Naked malt extraqt!"

"Are you removing them from their nest?"

"Yum, bird entrails!"

"Sutff, aww!"

 I cooked some scrambled tofu which Leila kept stealing! We now have another concoction, bread rising. There may be another blog post soon so we don't forget what we put in that one too if it's yummy.

L here now. I've taken over as Spider wandered off to retrieve the bread. Which hasn't done very well in terms of rising (tsk) but at least seems to be... probably edible. Or will be, anyway.
It was a basic bread mix at first, until I wanted to add barley malt extract instead of normal (well, normal for Spider) sugar... Added quite a bit of that, actually. And some Marmite. ...And reduced-salt soy sauce. Yep, normal bread. Of course it is. Then we added chopped/crumbled walnut bits and some of the herb-type Food Doctor seed concoctions (which may be discontinued, but may not. Look out for it. Fun stuff). Not sure what else went into it... I mostly remember thumping it for a bit and being surprised that I hadn't been thinking of anyone in particular at the time. Hmm.
Apparently the warm oven is helping the rising of the bread, at least. It was a bit pathetic earlier.

I'm not actually sure when I got here. About half 8, I think. PM. I'm still here and it's almost quarter past 1 in the morning... Not sure if I'll be sleeping. In general, I mean, not necessarily here... wow, I do tend to ramble. Ah well.
Have decided that I need to acquire tofu. Didn't look like the creepy silken stuff.
The music is making me amused... so did something else, which... was important but has been forgotten. Bah.
Ah. I think she may be cleaning up. I should be helping, probably, though we've made surprisingly little mess, considering. And they have a dishwasher, so I'm thoroughly envious.
Bread is going bakeybakey, I think.
I also think one of us will post an update once we've tried the bread, but for now... I think it shall be posted before I witter much more.


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